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Fade Out

date. 2018

city. Glasgow, Corfu, Aarhus

description. theatrical installation, multichannel sound, concrete, theatre props, light

collaboration. Shirley Wilson (sculptures), Sandra Gidlöf (actor), Rosie Clark (actor), Myrrin Hunter Urie (costumes), Andrew Jackson (sound engineer), Peter Goddard (lights), Lewis Douglas (rigger)

This piece of art, works as an 8-channel installation of a radio play and gives a new perspective on it. The actor’s words work as a musical material for the composition of music. Angle triangles with hand and knee imprints on them, a piano, a door and many other objects placed in the middle of the room, reference to the remainings of an in-progress or finished play with actors that never appear. 

Both the sound and the visual part of this installation, make an immersive situation and the audience can walk around and shape its experience from its perspective. The project discusses issues of immersion, narration, repetition, and perception.


Do we leave something behind just because we fall even if it is unfinished?

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