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date. 2019

city. Athens (Greek National Opera)

description. interactive, multichannel video and sound installation

collaborationYana Moroz, Giorgos Gargalas, Panos Koutelas Marilena Kouvidi, Iris Skolidi

The artwork transforms G.F. Handel’s aria “V’ adoro pupille” into an interactive multimedia experience. In this aria, Cleopatra, while in disguise as “Lidia”, uses her charms to seduce Cesare.

Both the sound and the visual part of this installation, make an immersive situation and the audience can walk around and shape the artwork through its movement and its experience from its perspective.

The aria is being used as a vehicle that transfers the concept of the installation which discusses issues of metamorphosis, destruction, distortion and perception.


What is behind our facade and what consists and destroys our masks?

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