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Updated: Dec 3, 2020

The Memory Passage In 1999 a genocide took place. It was the genocide of the Greek Population residing in Anatolia (now part of Turkey). A member of my family Manolis was murdered in a mill As he was trying to escape. In 2017 I moved from Athens to Glasgow carrying these memories elements of an illusion by  which the concrete of the city Turns into a dream. These memories obscure What otherwise appeared clear. Every time I walk along  River Kelvin I try to recall that memory I throw things in the water I turn and see the city burn As the rays of the sun fall the sky turns red like blood I then mourn Goodbye my city… …lost in the water forever.

Urban Whale Everything seems strange in here all sounds are amplified  I really can’t deal with that feeling of… being in-between.  there’s that greasy place full of fat that…  encloses and feeds me, and the one that I used to be trying to recall...  I can still hear its noises  but there are a lot of lost frequencies  even my voice… sounds different that beat is so loud I will wait till it stops next option vomiting then I'm free

In - Between This is a transdisciplinary art work which means that all the all the material relays on a symbiotic relationship. These ingredients are trying to create a mash, made by other people's memories. For this project I went to an antique shop in Glasgow. I love this place because it holds so many memories, in a brutal but also in a magical way. I can still feel the smell of that place. I bought few old camera films for six pounds, wanted to give some motion to their stillness. I kept adding layers but I didn't really know which ones I should retain. But the question is where I'm I what should be my role as the creator of this piece SshhhhSH sh................................. sha - tah, tah /s/................................. sha - tah sh.................... tah - tah sha - tah...  s I always wanted to explore sound in a way that it will stop being abstract  sh!  wait! I'm trying to build something. tah - tah tah - tah - tah - tah tah I don't know what I want to express but I always have that rhythm that allows me to think and these noises that prevent me from sleep the end must be close. nothing seems finished the world is not ready yet! this is the right time. the right time to stop controlling everything!

Ψαπφώ ερωτεύτηκα την γεωγραφία σου.

Ποιητές Γύρω από το σπίτι μου κατοικούν ποιητές Οδός Πηνελόπης Δέλτα, Οδός Άγγελου Σικελιανού Οδός Εφταλιώτη Οδός Σωτηρίου Σκίπη Οδός Φραγκοπούλου Οδός Δημ. Καμπούρογλου Οδός Γρηγορίου Ξενοπούλου Οδός Χόρν Οδός Βριζάκη

Μια ποιητική γεωγραφία ​ανθρωπων που τους ξέχασε η ανάγκη. Το Νησί με γέμισε η απουσία σου.

Ioannis Panagiotou, MA, IMA

Teaching Assistant in BA Sculpture and MSc Sound Design at the Edinburgh College of Art

PhD candidate in Composition and Transdisciplinary Arts, Edinburgh College of Art.


Edinburgh College of Art, University of Edinburgh

Alison House, 12 Nicolson Square Edinburgh, EH8 9DF, Scotland, UK

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