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The Box

date. 2017

city. Corfu (Museum of Asian Art, Audiovisual Arts Festival)

descriptionsite specific sound and light installation, wood, fabric, ropes

collaborationAntonis Nikolakis, Andreas Panagiotou, Vasiliki Aggelou, Nikos Nikolakis, Christos Poulias

“The Box” is a site-specific sound installation. In this piece of art, there are three cubes: a) installation’s site, b) outer cube and c) inner cube of the construction. The relation between music (18’ loop) and light is based on randomness. The artwork emphasizes the contrast between perceptual and physical experience. The spectator is called to observe either the cube’s outside or enter it through its openings or corridors.

Existential questions are set through a contradiction between the experiment of Schrödinger's cat and exposition of multiple – perishable states – installation’s levels. The current installation explores issues of immersion and perception. By observing constantly something we cause an effect on it (e.g. if we wear glasses during our observation or not). When we look at something, we transform it to reality, for as long as we observe it at least. By the moment that you observe something (remarkable or not), then you are able to define it. 

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