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What's in the bag?

date. 2016

city. Corfu (Old Psychiatric Clinic, Audiovisual Arts Festival)

description. plastic bags, neon light, sound

collaborationNikos Kanelakis

"What's in the bag?" is a sound installation, which uses the element of corridor, constructed by white plastic bags. The title of this project is a simple-direct question, which in this occasion wonders of how conscious truly are our every day choices about our every day deeds (a fact that can determine something or not as art). The spectator-participant is given the opportunity to walk around the narrow-repetitive-claustrophobic corridor, while listening to music (composed by Panagiotou), bags' soundscape (composed by Kanelakis) and the repetitive narration of the phrase "I shall hold whatever I want, whatever am I!". The spectator of the installation contributes to the soundscape by touching the corridor's bags (primal interaction). The project discusses issues of immersion, interaction, narration, repetition and claustrophobia.

What a person holds at hand is a result of his/her choices (the choosing process, what choice was made to hold or leave something aside). Thus it is a mirror of its current personality. The installation communicates the issues of creation and puzzling thoughts. By which idea is someone holding on to subsist on, which means and how many of them does someone choose to use, what does he leave aside and why? Are these concerns maybe influenced (colored) by external factors?

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