​Creating with Transdisciplinary Practices, Narrating through Material Structures,

Reducing hierarchy, Activating perception.





​Ioannis Panagiotou is a UK-based artist, composer and researcher. As an artist he explores transdisciplinarity by working with various media, materials and technologies. He is the creator of transdisciplinary performances, installations, video works, concert music (instrumental, electroacoustic, interactive) and music for media.

Works of him have been commissioned by the Dialogues Festival, PLUG Contemporary Music Festival, Greek National Opera, Audio Visual Arts Festival, St Andrews University and the Days of Electroacoustic Music and has been exhibited and performed in MIRY Concertzaal, MUSA Collection Centre, Vilniaus rotušė, Corfu's Museum of Asian Art and the Old Venetian Fortress among others. He has also collaborated with contemporary ensembles such as Plus-Minus Ensemble, Red Note, Edinburgh Quartet, Decoda, Edinburgh Film Music Orchestra, Edinburgh Contemporary Ensemble, St Andrews New Music Ensemble and Portativ Ensemble.

Ioannis is a PhD candidate in Transdisciplinary Arts at the University of Edinburgh where he explores the relation between Materialism, transdisciplinarity, narration and the society; proposing the concept of Material Structures. He is also a member of CIME-HELMCA and has worked as a researcher  and tutor in Hybrid Arts at Det Jyske Musikkonservatorium, as tutor in Composition and The Performing Arts at the Ionian University and tutor in Sculpture and Composition for Screen at The University of Edinburgh.



Ioannis has received a Master of Arts in Composition from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and an Integrated Master’s Degree from the Ionian University, where he studied Multimedia and Composition for Film, Theatre and the Performing Arts. He has studied Composition with Martin Parker, Simon Steen-Andersen, Juliana Hodkinson, Gareth Williams, David Fennessy, Oliver Searle and Dimitra Trypani, Sonic Arts and Interactive Composition with Alistair McDonald, Film Music with Yati Durant, Fine and Digital Arts with Kevin Dagg, Bill Psarras and Nikos Kokkalis and Byzantine Musicology with Dimitrios Giannelos.




2021     Umwelt, performative video and sound installation, Plus-Minus Ensemble, Dialogues Festival, Edinburgh

2020   "PLAY ME",  digital performance, Plus-Minus Ensemble, (1) ECA 2020 online show, UK (2) CIME-HELMCA Days               of  Electroacoustic Music 2020, Greece

2019    Metamorphosis, interactive, multichannel video and sound installation, Greek National Opera, Athens

2019    The Memory Passage, multichannel performative, video, smoke and sound installation, Dorothea                               Kalogianni (1) Edinburgh College of Art, UK / (2) CIME-HELMCA Days  of  Electroacoustic Music 2019, Athens               Conservatory 

2018    Fade Out, theatrical installation, (1) RCS Bridge Week Festival, Glasgow UK  / (2) CIME-HELMCA Days of

             Electroacoustic Music 2018,  Corfu Greece

2017    The Box, sound and light installation, 11th Audiovisual Arts Festival, Museum of Asian Art, Corfu Greece

2016    What's in the Bag?, sound and light installation, 10th Audiovisual Arts Festival, Corfu's old Psychiatric

             Clinic, Greece

2016    Glass-mash, performative installation, 10th Audiovisual Arts Festival, Corfu's old Psychiatric Clinic, Greece



2021     Reading Glasses Story, for stop motion video and guitar duet, Vilniaus rotušė, Lithuania

2021     My Voice, for electric guitar and video, Dimitris Soukaras, London 

2020    In - Between, for video, narrator and music ensemble, New Music Ensemble (live), Edinburgh Quartet

              (tape), Dialogues Festival, Edinburgh

2020    Opus: An one act Opera, for soprano, baritone, piano and tablet, Reid Concert Hall, Edinburgh 

2020    Uncanny Walks, walking performance and photography, with 20 co-performers in the city of Mytilini,

              Lesvos, GR

2019    Urban Whale, for tuba and live electronics, Alexander Gipson Opera Studio, Glasgow

2019    Proposal for a Dance Performance, for PowerPoint, tape and music ensemble, Rush Hour Ensemble, (1)

             Dialogues Festival, Edinburgh / (2) Det Jytke Musikkonservatorium, Aarhus Denmark

2019    Strings in your Mouth,  for amplified string quartet, Edinburgh Quartet, Reid Concert Hall, Edinburgh

2018    Dimensional Mirrors, for three music ensembles, Edinburgh Film Music Orchestra, Reid Concert Hall,     

             Edinburgh UK

2018    Red Stone, for amplified music ensemble, Red Note Ensemble, RCS Music Lab, Glasgow 

2018    Flyby, for music ensemble and tape, St Andrews Contemporary Music Ensemble, MUSA, St Andrews UK

2018    Silver Brown, for guitar duet, PLUG Contemporary Music Festival, Glasgow 

2018    Ison, for Scottish harp and live electronics, PLUG Contemporary Music Festival, Glasgow UK

2018    For Future Reference, for 3 surround percussion set-ups, The New What Now, MIRY Concertzaal, Ghent


2018    Made by the Ants, electroacoustic, Sonic Nights 3, Glasgow 

2017     Boiler Room, electroacoustic, Sonic Nights 1, Glasgow 

2017    Ithaki, site-specific interdisciplinary performance based on verbatim theatre, Corfu's old Fortress Greece

2016    Step 24, for solo flute, St George Church, Corfu Greece

2016    Allegory of the Cave, for narrator and music ensemble, Portative Ensemle, Ionian Academy, Corfu Greece



2020    Shoggoth, composer Aggelos Mastranotnis, visuals for music, Edinburgh

​2019     Human at Heart, director: Alia-Lauren Clain, music for film, Glasgow 

2018     Ko,  music for contemporary ballet, choreographer: Louis Fukuhara Glasgow UK

2018     Flyby, artwork in collaboration with astronomers from St Andrews University, MUSA, St Andrews UK

2018     Tiny Dynamite, dierctor: Heather Knudtsen, music and sound design for theatre, The Chandler Studio

              Theatre, Glasgow UK

2018     Everyday Physics (Καθημερινή Φυσική), music for animated documentaries, Athens & Ioannina Greece

2017     Surviving a long fall, scenic and light design for theatre, Polytechno, Corfu Greece

2016     Crime and Punishment, live music for the animation of Piotr Dumala, Ντουμπλάζ Fest, Polytechno, Corfu

2015     Seventh Seal, for SSAT choir, amplified ensemble and solo dance, Portativ Ensemble, Old Philarmonic

              Society, Corfu Greece




2021     Panagiotou I.P. ‘Self-narrating through graphic media and notations’, MUSIC.OLOGY.ECA

​2020    Panagiotou, Kalogianni, I.P. D.K. (2020) 'The Memory Passage', The Mass (April-DECOLONISE), p. 46



2021     Performing in Transdisciplinary Environments (artist talk), Department of Performing and Digital Arts,

              University of the Peloponnese
2019     History of Art and Transdisciplinary Arts (lecture and workshop), University of the Aegean, The

              University of Edinburgh University, Det Jytke Musikkonservatorium
2019     Uncanny Walks, (performance with 20 co-performers for Lesvos refugees), University of the Aegean

2018     Sounding out Astronomy (lecture, concert and exhibition in collaboration with astronomers from St

              Andrews University, St Andrews University Museum (MUSA collection Centre)
2018     Music and Narration (talks and concerts in collaboration with Red Note Ensemble), Oakwood and

              Aultmore Park Primary Schools
2017     History of Art and City Culture (artist talk), Athens Money Show
2015    Contemporary choir workshop, 7th Primary School of Corfu.

2011     Solo piano performance (concerts in collaboration with Model Secondary Schools educators), Athens

             University History Museum



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