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Fade Out 2018


  • 2019, Metamorphosis, interactive, multichannel video and sound installation, Greek National Opera, Athens GR

  • 2019, The Memory Passage, multichannel performative, video, smoke and sound installation, (1) Edinburgh College of Art, UK / (2) Days of Electroacoustic Music 2019, Athens Conservatory 

  • 2018, Fade Out, theatrical installation, (1) RCS Bridge Week Festival, Glasgow UK  / (2) Days of Electroacoustic Music 2018, Corfu Greece

  • 2017, The Box, sound and light installation, 11th Audiovisual Arts Festival, Museum of Asian Art, Corfu Greece

  • 2016, What's in the Bag?, sound and light installation, 10th Audiovisual Arts Festival, Corfu's old Psychiatric Clinic, Greece

  • 2016, Glass-mash, performative installation, 10th Audiovisual Arts Festival, Corfu's old Psychiatric Clinic, Greece


  • 2020, In - Between, for video, narrator and music ensemble, New Music Ensemble (live), Edinburgh Quartet (tape), Dialogues FestivalEdinburgh, Reid Concert Hall

  • 2020, Uncanny Walks, walking performance and photography, with 20 co-performers in the city of Mytilini, Lesvos, GR

  • 2019, Urban Whale, for tuba and live electronics, Alexander Gipson Opera Studio, Glasgow UK

  • 2019, Proposal for a Dance Performance, for powerpoint, tape and music ensemble, Rush Hour Ensemble, (1) Dialogues Festival Edinburgh UK / (2) Det Jytke Musikkonservatorium, Aarhus Denmark

  • 2019, Strings in your Mouth,  for amplified string quartet, Edinburgh Quartet, Reid Concert Hall, Edinburgh UK

  • 2018, Dimensional Mirrors, for music ensemble, Edinburgh Film Music Orchestra, Reid Concert Hall, Edinburgh UK

  • 2018, Red Stone, for amplified music ensemble, Red Note Ensemble, RCS Music Lab, Glasgow UK

  • 2018, Flyby, for music ensemble and tape, St Andrews Contemporary Music Ensemble, MUSA, St Andrews UK

  • 2018, Silver Brown, for guitar duet, PLUG Contemporary Music Festival, Glasgow UK

  • 2018, Ison, for Scottish harp and live electronics, PLUG Contemporary Music Festival, Glasgow UK

  • 2018, For Future Reference, for 3 surround percussion set-ups, The New What Now, Ghent Belgium

  • 2018, Made by the Ants, electroacoustic, Sonic Nights 2, Glasgow UK

  • 2017, Boiler Room, electroacoustic, Sonic Nights 1, Glasgow UK

  • 2017, Ithaki, site-specific interdisciplinary performance based on verbatim theatre, Corfu's old Fortress Greece

  • 2016, Step 24, for solo flute, St George Church, Corfu Greece


  • 2019, Human at Heart, music for film, Glasgow UK

  • 2018, Ko,  music for contemporary ballet, Glasgow UK

  • 2018, Flyby, collaboration with astronomers from St Andrews University, MUSA, St Andrews UK

  • 2018, Tiny Dynamite, music and sound design for theatre, The Chandler Studio Theatre, Glasgow UK

  • 2018, Everyday Physics (Καθημερινή Φυσική), music for animated documentaries, Athens & Ioannina Greece

  • 2017, Surviving a long fall, scenic and light design for theatre, Polytechno, Corfu Greece

  • 2016, Crime and Punishment, live music for the animation of Piotr Dumala, Ντουμπλάζ Fest, Polytechno, Corfu Greece

  • 2015, Seventh Seal, for SSAT choir, amplified ensemble and solo dance, Portativ Ensemble, Old Philarmonic Society, Corfu Greece