Metamorphosis 2019


2020    "PLAY ME",  digital performance, Plus-Minus Ensemble, (1) ECA 2020 online show, UK (2) CIME-HELMCA Days  of  Electroacoustic                          Music 2020, GR

2019    Metamorphosis, interactive, multichannel video and sound installation, Greek National Opera, Athens GR

2019    The Memory Passage, multichannel performative, video, smoke and sound installation, Dorothea Kalogianni (1) Edinburgh College of Art, UK /                   (2) CIME-HELMCA Days  of  Electroacoustic Music 2019, Athens Conservatory 

2018    Fade Out, theatrical installation, (1) RCS Bridge Week Festival, Glasgow UK  / (2) CIME-HELMCA Days of Electroacoustic Music 2018,                Corfu Greece

2017    The Box, sound and light installation, 11th Audiovisual Arts Festival, Museum of Asian Art, Corfu Greece

2016    What's in the Bag?, sound and light installation, 10th Audiovisual Arts Festival, Corfu's old Psychiatric Clinic, Greece

2016    Glass-mash, performative installation, 10th Audiovisual Arts Festival, Corfu's old Psychiatric Clinic, Greece


2020    Reading Glasses Story, for stop motion video and guitar duet, Vilniaus rotušė Lithuania

2020    My Voice, for electric guitar and video, Dimitris Soukaras, London UK

2020    In - Between, for video, narrator and music ensemble, New Music Ensemble (live), Edinburgh Quartet (tape), Dialogues                         Festival, Edinburgh, Reid Concert Hall

2020    Opus: An one act Opera, for soprano, baritone, piano and tablet, Edinburgh, Reid Concert Hall 

2020    Uncanny Walks, walking performance and photography, with 20 co-performers in the city of Mytilini, Lesvos, GR

2019    Urban Whale, for tuba and live electronics, Alexander Gipson Opera Studio, Glasgow UK

2019    Proposal for a Dance Performance, for powerpoint, tape and music ensemble, Rush Hour Ensemble, (1) Dialogues                                         Festival Edinburgh UK / (2) Det Jytke Musikkonservatorium, Aarhus Denmark

2019    Strings in your Mouth,  for amplified string quartet, Edinburgh Quartet, Reid Concert Hall, Edinburgh UK

2018    Dimensional Mirrors, for music ensemble, Edinburgh Film Music Orchestra, Reid Concert Hall, Edinburgh UK

2018    Red Stone, for amplified music ensemble, Red Note Ensemble, RCS Music Lab, Glasgow UK

2018    Flyby, for music ensemble and tape, St Andrews Contemporary Music Ensemble, MUSA, St Andrews UK

2018    Silver Brown, for guitar duet, PLUG Contemporary Music Festival, Glasgow UK

2018    Ison, for Scottish harp and live electronics, PLUG Contemporary Music Festival, Glasgow UK

2018    For Future Reference, for 3 surround percussion set-ups, The New What NowMIRY Concertzaal, Ghent Belgium

2018    Made by the Ants, electroacoustic, Sonic Nights 3, Glasgow UK

2017    Boiler Room, electroacoustic, Sonic Nights 1, Glasgow UK

2017    Ithaki, site-specific interdisciplinary performance based on verbatim theatre, Corfu's old Fortress Greece

2016    Step 24, for solo flute, St George Church, Corfu Greece

2016    Allegory of the Cave, for narrator and 15 instruments, Ionian Academy, Corfu Greece


2019    Human at Heart, music for film, Glasgow UK

2018    Ko,  music for contemporary ballet, Glasgow UK

2018    Flyby, collaboration with astronomers from St Andrews University, MUSA, St Andrews UK

2018    Tiny Dynamite, music and sound design for theatre, The Chandler Studio Theatre, Glasgow UK

2018    Everyday Physics (Καθημερινή Φυσική), music for animated documentaries, Athens & Ioannina Greece

2017    Surviving a long fall, scenic and light design for theatre, Polytechno, Corfu Greece

2016    Crime and Punishment, live music for the animation of Piotr Dumala, Ντουμπλάζ Fest, Polytechno, Corfu Greece

2015    Seventh Seal, for SSAT choir, amplified ensemble and solo dance, Portativ Ensemble, Old Philarmonic Society, Corfu Greece


2020    Panagiotou, Kalogianni, I.P. D.K. (2020) 'The Memory Passage', The Mass (April-DECOLONISE), p. 46

Ioannis Panagiotou, MA, IMA

Teaching Assistant in BA Sculpture and MSc Sound Design at the Edinburgh College of Art

PhD candidate in Composition and Transdisciplinary Arts, Edinburgh College of Art.


Edinburgh College of Art, University of Edinburgh

Alison House, 12 Nicolson Square Edinburgh, EH8 9DF, Scotland, UK

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