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Ioannis Panagiotou



Ioannis' art explores issues of memory, migration, and identity through cross-media narratives and oral history. His art takes the form of audiovisual performances, installations, and concerts, creating a play of different media, materials, beings, and events. This play aims to activate lost memories and sociocultural ghosts of the past.


Dr. Ioannis Panagiotou is a UK-based artist and composer. His works have been showcased internationally in US, Japan, UK, Lithuania, Denmark, Belgium, Switzerland, and Greece, receiving recognition in renowned festivals and collaborations with notable ensembles. Notably, his audiovisual work “Umwelt” has been exhibited and performed at prestigious festivals such as b-side Festival, Dialogues Festival, and Tériade Museum of Modern Art. Collaborating with Plus-Minus Ensemble, Red Note Ensemble, St Andrews Contemporary Ensemble, and the Edinburgh Film Music Orchestra has further solidified his standing in the artistic community.


Academically, Ioannis is a Tutor in Composing for Screen at The University of Edinburgh and the Head of Music at Lincoln College. He has conducted research and taught composition, sound design, music for screen and games, and fine art at various institutions, including the Royal Academy of Music (Aarhus), the Academy of Music and Sound and the Ionian University. As a permanent Artist in Residence at the Zurich University of the Arts and the Artistic Director of the Peter Nelson Ensemble, he continues to contribute to the advancement of contemporary arts. Additionally, he is a member of the International Confederation for Electroacoustic Music CIME/ICEM (HELMCA).

Ioannis' research interests are diverse, spanning contemporary art practice, contemporary music, composition for film and video games, and multimedia. Furthermore, he remains engaged in various artistic endeavours, including his involvement with the European Commission and the HMP Portland Prison, solidifying his position as a multifaceted and impactful creative force.


Ioannis holds a PhD in Composition and Transdisciplinary Arts from The University of Edinburgh, an MA in Composition from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, and an Integrated MA in Composition for Film, Theatre and The Performing Arts from Ionian University. His extensive studies have encompassed composition with renowned mentors such as Martin Parker, David Fennessy, Simon Steen-Andersen, Gareth Williams, Oliver Searle, and Dimitra Trypani. Additionally, he has delved into Sonic Arts and Interactive Composition with Alistair McDonald, Film Music with Yati Durant, Fine Arts with Kevin Dagg, Bill Psarras and Nikos Kokkalis, and Byzantine Musicology with Dimitrios Giannelos.

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