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Pilgrim's Horses

date. 2022

city. Portland

description. Installation, performance, video, multichannel sound, copper, jars, horse, horsebox

collaboration. Calum Kirkland (video), Danguolė Lingytė (music performance)

A video and sound installation with live performance
commemorating one hundred years of the Asia Minor
Catastrophe (1922-2022), during which many Greek
refugees died during their attempt to move from Asia
Minor to Greece.

For this anniversary, Pilgrim’s Horses re-imagines the
story of one of my ancestors, a young girl
who in 1922 was unable to follow her family to Greece.
Some people say she was kidnapped by a Turk with
a horse, others that this girl was in love with the person
who actually saved her. Her name is now unknown.


Pilgrim’s Horses is the third part of my trilogy,
‘Umwelt’, which tackles aspects of narration and
perception, and explores notions of collective memory.


Is it possible to have an anamnesis of an event in which
you never took part?

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