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The Memory Passage

date. 2019

city. Edinburgh, Athens

descriptionPerformative, multichannel sound and video installation, concrete, light, smoke

collaborationDorothea Kalogianni (co-concieved and directed), conducted by André Bellmont and Yati Durant, performed by Red Note Ensemble and Edinburgh Film Music Orchestra

“In this complicated piece, Ioannis and Dorothea narrate the sense of horror that any narrative of a tainted ancestral past can carry. ‘The Memory Passage’ is a study on the uncanny proximity between the real and the imagined, in a time that sees memories as access points to a sense of continuity. While the ambience of the experience is disorienting, it does not diminish the power of transmitted memory; a power that has lived on for 98 years in this instance, following subconscious roads and finally emerging as phantasm. As personal as the narrative might be, at a time of political upheaval, the power of communicated sentiment serves as a concrete message.” Wanda Irini Goudas - Art Writer

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