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date. 2021

city. Glasgow, Cardross, Edinburgh, London

description. performance, video, sound, military boxes, pine trees, water, sand 

collaboration. Alia-Lauren Clain, Plus-Minus Ensemble

“Umwelt” is a performative, video and sound work. Through this work I try to rebuild, with the use of ephemeral media: memories of my great-grandfather, experiences from a lost war, a destroyed villa in the woods, and a lost notebook. I aim to create a narrative based on an interaction between lost objects and memories, myself, elements of nature (pine trees, sand, water, birds), hybrid entities and experiences.


Umwelt, as a semiotics term, meaning perceptual environment, refers to the theory that different organisms perceive different umwelten, even though they share the same environment. Each functional component of an umwelt has a meaning and so represents the organism’s model of the world.


What is the relationship between my family’s lost memories and my umwelt?

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